I teach classes in Ashtanga, Hatha and Dynamic Flow Yoga. I assist my teacher, Eileen Gauthier, on Tuesday and Wednesday mornings during the Mysore Self Practice classes at Triyoga, Camden.

My passion however, is working one-to-one with individuals as it is within this space that a practice can be built around each student according to his or her own individual needs, both physically and psychologically, needs that may change from session to session. A private can be taught for an hour, or for 90 minutes with just a solid focus on the yoga, or longer to give time to process the practice in a therapeutic way, exploring the psychological and emotional side to one’s yoga practice.

I have also had one-to-one verbal sessions with students I teach where we use the framework of a yoga practice to understand patterns of behaviour and aim to change them by changing the approach to practice on the mat.