A weekend away

I’m back in London after a really wonderful weekend teaching a yoga retreat with Debbie in Surrey. We held it in the stunning grounds of Horsley Park, less than an hour from London by train, and were blessed with a fab group of massively up-for-it yogis, incredible weather, and enough food to make you forget what it feels like to be hungry.

It was the ‘first time’ for many people – their first yoga retreat, their first time with me and Debbie, their first time trying self-practice, their first experience of a yoga workshop. It was also the first time many people had tried dropping back, doing headstands, doing handstands, forearm balances… even if they may be a long way off some of those in their regular practice, I’m a firm believer in supporting people to do such things (despite me being the one pretty much holding them upside down) just to allow people to feel what it’s like to do them, to lessen any panic or fear they may have around the ‘crazy poses’, and for them to feel like anything really is possible.

All in all it was a reminder of how special a gift it is to take some time out for your yoga and indulge yourself in your practice for a retreat, no matter how small… We are planning another weekend in Surrey some time in the autumn and also have a couple of spaces left on our retreat in the Lake District for a week at the end of September.


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