New website now live

After several months of planning, photographing, creating, and pulling hair out, I’m happy to say that the new website for the charity I co-run is now live.

For those that don’t know, Foundation for Change is a charity I set up with my long-term friend and colleague in 2014 to work with individuals who have histories of substance misuse, teaching psychology to individuals to help make their journeys through life that little bit easier.  We didn’t want stock photos of people with amazing skin and obnoxiously white teeth on our site, instead we wanted something that reflected us, our approach and the people we work with.  The photos were taken by Al Patrick (who took the photos of me in the gallery) and me, and are of people we have worked with over the years.  Everybody has a story and every body tells a story.  Every photo on there does indeed have meaning behind it that we’ll hopefully use in a future campaign.

We turned two years old in April and had a particularly gorgeous celebration to mark the event in May.  There’s more info on our Facebook page which is something I’m growing increasingly proud of – check it out and like it if you do like it.  Our aim is to have a page that reflects our work – that the stuff we do is relevant to everyone regardless of background.  We’re all living life together and doing the best we can, and we could all do with a bit of help and guidance from time to time…