Triyoga Shoreditch class

We talk a lot about the importance of being connected and developing a healthy relationship to your body at Foundation for Change. Yoga’s an incredible way to make that happen but it’s often too expensive or intimidating for people on our courses to give it a go. I wanted to teach a class that made it possible for the people we work with to experience yoga, to visit a yoga studio and to bring together different sections of the community that very often don’t get a chance to come together.

I’m teaching a gentle, open level class at Triyoga Shoreditch in August particularly welcoming people in recovery but open to all. The class is £10 and there is a discount code for people on benefits or low-incomes. Private message me to get it. You can book online and go to Triyoga’s Facebook page for some more info.

Yoga-taster, awareness-raiser, fund-generator and hopefully a lot of fun – do come and join us.