Jiggling in Hackney

So tremoring is still on my mind – I seem to keep seeing it all around (most notably in dogs and fish that have been taken out of the water) and the concept of the body’s natural tendency to tremble in certain situations somehow keeps popping up in conversations without me bringing it up.

TRE involves several exercises that fatigue the muscles and induce tremoring in the body from within. The allowing of the tremors to come allows a natural discharge of tension and trauma that is otherwise stored. That I get. What I haven’t quite worked out the mechanism for just yet is this, a video I took this morning on my way to work in Hackney:

I see it a lot, interestingly more in males than in females. From a psychotherapeutic view point, it might be seen as a case of something unsaid not being permitted to come out and so the body tries to somehow discharge something that is being held within. As the ‘thing’ is usually never said, the jiggling (or ‘sewing machine leg’ as I’ve just seen it amusingly called on a website) continues.

From a TRE viewpoint, if this guy is constantly jiggling about involuntarily, he’d be discharging all the time and so would have a psoas most yogis would die for. Something tells me this isn’t the case.

Anyone have any ideas?

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