A new skin

I’ve had a strong injection of consistent and regular teaching these last few weeks, teaching Mysore self-practice style, without a doubt the style of teaching and practicing I am most passionate about… I had a week covering the self-practice mornings in Triyoga Soho in August, the first time I’d ever taught a daily four hour stint (which surprisingly flew by), punctuated by a week away in blissful heat in Spain, and then a week ending tomorrow covering the self practice classes for Eileen in Triyoga Camden. Although it’s been pretty tiring with work and the odd, euphemistically late night here and there, I have absolutely loved every single second and have been more energised by the experience than depleted.

It reaffirmed and is reaffirming several things: my love for working with and connecting to people, my love for the practice of self-practice, my utter love for adjusting. It reaffirmed my admiration and respect for the discipline people have in getting up early, coming to class and rolling out their mats and engaging in something blissful, frustrating, fun, and a tonne of other things. It has made me realise how much I know and have picked up over the course of my 9 years teaching (and how proud I am of that), how much I still have to learn, and how much I want to learn.

Being immersed deeply and simultaneously in the worlds of self practice yoga and my work rehabilitating people with drug and alcohol problems has led to several light bulb moments about the parallels between the two worlds. Admittedly however, they’ve been more akin to softly glowing lightbulbs suddenly growing bright and strong rather than bulbs turning on for the first time. In fact, it has felt as though connections have been made and reinforced not just between these two worlds but to the world around me and us as a whole. As I write this and reflect, I realize the last few weeks have been quite a beautiful process of evolution for me – a transformative process of shedding an old skin and being in the world with yet another new one, a new set of eyes, a clearer vision of the connections between all that exists. Hmmm… this thought may be slightly inspired by a particularly exciting conversation I had yesterday with a documentary maker picking my brain about a film he wants to make, and wanting to know my thoughts regarding treating depression with psilocybin – magic mushrooms. What came out of that deserves another blog post.

I will write more over the coming days. Treat this as the preface of what’s to come.