Strike a pose

I’ve been interviewed twice in the last few weeks about yoga, how I got into it, what my practice means to me. One of the videos is on a subscription only site but reveals how I first got into yoga all those years ago. The other will be out in the next few weeks and I’ll post it here when it is. Everyone finds their own way into yoga (something I’d be curious to know about from everyone that comes to class or reads this blog) and the answer to how I did is quite simple: Madonna.

I was (unfortunately I have to place emphasis on the fact that that is most definitely a deliberate use of the past tense) a huge Madonna fan, being fascinated by her power as a woman and obsessed with her chameleon like nature. It was through her that I was introduced to many of the artists, photographers and videographers I still admire today, and through her that, though I didn’t know it so clearly at the time, was introduced to dance and physicality, both through her but more so through the dancers she worked with, and the dance styles she was influenced by and brought to the mainstream. None stand out more than Vogue – not the magazine, not the Madonna song, but the dance style best understood by watching probably one of my favourite documentaries of all time – Paris is Burning.

The video below showcases incredible dancers, voguing, and a particularly ravishing Madge in one of her most magnetic live performances. Haha, I just realized I was all of 11 years old when I first saw this…!